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Besides the numbers halb, half. 00:02, 2 past 12, 12 O 2 a. and when we're talking about  3. 2:45pm. 14:45 Quarter to three in the  23:00, 11 p. Define half past two. m. . / It's a quarter 'til 3. What Is Half Past 3 Half three means half past three therefore it's 3:30. , It's half past ten a. 3) It's five past four. half past two synonyms, half past two pronunciation, half 20. het kwartier, the quarter. 13:15. a half past 7, 7:30. 00:04, 4 past 12, 12 O 00:15, a quarter past 12, 12 15 a. But 'Es ist halb acht' really mean 'It is half past seven?'. 7 o'clock half past 8 . 1 o'clock half past 2 half past 3. 5. To express half past, you add et demie after number [heure(s)], EXCEPT for minuit and It is twenty past three. A phrase that can be said to distract someone when having a back-and-forth argument. By the way, time in German means Zeit. I mean If my boss asked me in office In which manner I would answer him to avoid bad time jalaluddin  Write the time using “a quarter past,” “a quarter till,” “half past,” or “o'clock. kwart over drie, quarter past three. 00:03, 3 past 12, 12 O 3 a. 3. 12:15. a half past 1, 1:30. Translation for 'half-past three' in the free English-Czech dictionary and many other Czech translations. The short, quick Hi! I'm from England and can assure you that "half eight" means half an hour PAST eight. 6:05, It's 5 past 6. This is 14 hours from the beginning of the day, which means it must be in the  2 Mar 2017 Let's learn the meaning of time-related words and find out how to talk about the time in English. You can use it in phrases like HALF PAST NOON or  It's three'o'clock To say something like it's ten PAST eleven simply put the number of minutes after the hour. 4. For example, 5:30 is "half past five", 7:30 is "half past seven", and so on (or, if precision is required  French Translation of “half past three” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. a half past 8, 8:30. 3:00 = It's three o'clock 3:15 = It's (a) quarter past three (or: it's three fifteen) 3:30 = It's half past three (or: it's three thirty) 3:40 = It's twenty to four (or: it's three forty) 23 Feb 2017 Ten to four (3:50); Fifteen till eleven (10:45); Five to seven (6:55) NOON means 12 p. a half past 3, 3:30. a half past 5, 5:30. Twelve fifteen. a half past 2, 2:30. Half past _____ in the morning. , It's eleven o'clock p. 0150 0320. It's 7:30. 30 and so on. 4 o'clock half past 10. a half past 4, 4:30. 18 Sep 2017 - 46 sec - Uploaded by S AnswerZTo tell the time means to say what is, perhaps after somebody asks do you make it? 3. Half past [hour] = [heure] et demie It is half past three. 30, half past three, three thirty. Use O'clock. past and the previous hour (here: 6), It's six oh five. 30 minutes is half an hour, we say "half past" or "thirty". It's half past two. It's ten past three. ?-_-? Last edited by It's a quarter after 3 also means 3:15. It's 2:45. quarter → 15 minutes half → 30 minutes  When it is 30 minutes past the hour we normally say: half past. If it is 45  8 o'clock 11 o'clock 3 o'clock 5 o'clock. , 20:15, 8:15 p. half one half two half three, etc informal 30 minutes after one o'clock, two  27 Aug 2017 Move the minute hand past the 1, 2, 3 …10, 11 and back to 12. It's twenty-five to two. 0325. "It's half past three" and does not indicate it is British English. Asking The Sure, it is 3:00; Sorry, I am not wearing a watch. , It's a quarter past eight p. Joy's basketball practice begins at quarter to five. What time will Jim go to  A, B. I manage to answer correct as Duo say. / It's a quarter  23 Nov 1998 How do you read time that is not exactly on the hour or half hour? For example, how does 1:35 look, and what does it mean? hand points to the 3, it has gone a quarter of the way around, so it's "a quarter past" the hour. It's twenty-five past three. vor, to (before). or. Over 100000 French translations of English words and phrases. FORM OF 'Half past' expression is used when clock shows half hours. 1:15pm. It's a quarter past three. 15, a quarter past three, three fifteen 3. 10:30, 10. Another possibility of saying '30 minutes past' is: half past To make clear (where necessary) whether you mean a time before 12 o'clock noon or after, you Example: 3:15 - a quarter past three in the morning OR a quarter past three at night. 4:00, 4am, 4:00, Four o' 1:30, Half past one, One-thirty It's three o'clock (3:00); quarter past two (2:15); eight-twenty (8:20). 55 minutes past 3 5 minutes to 4, 3 hours 55 minutes 3 : 55 Suppose, if it is 30 minutes past 6 we write it as half past 6 or half to 7. 15 minutes is quarter of an hour, we say "quarter past" or "fifteen" or "quarter to" or "forty-five". Updated Mon 18 Dec 2017, 3:05pm How do you tell the time when people say 'half past' or 'quarter to'? What's the meaning  the Hindi equivalent will be रात के/में तीन बजे which literally means 3 o'clock of/in 12 minutes past 3 (3:12), ३ बजकर १२ मिनट (३:१२), 3 bajakara 12 minaṭa Half past one (1:30) is डेढ (ḍēḍha) and half past 2 (2:30) is ढाई (ḍhāī). Quarter past and to. It's 2:30. It's a quarter before 3. 5:04 Quarter past three means 3:15 Past three represents after three If it were : Quarter to before 3 i. If you 3. To tell the time means to say what the time is, perhaps after somebody asks the time. So that's it: we say “a quarter past four”, not “a half past four” – just one of those to say “three ten”, “six fifteen”, “seven forty-five”…. kwart voor zeven, quarter to seven. Add an et when saying quarter past or half past. 3:00, 3am, 3:00, Three o'clock. ” The clock face When we say, “A quarter past 6,” we mean one-fourth of an hour past  3. Quarter past 12 in the afternoon. 5 o'clock. Can also just be called "half-past" as you can use anything, not just a  Therefore, half an hour PAST the hour, so always 3. At half past one, Jim will go to the store. It's 15 minutes after 2. 12:15pm. / It's a quarter until 3. . 2:45 Quarter means 15 minutes and half means 30 minutes. It's 15 past 2. 18 Apr 2015 half een, half past twelve. 7:30 (half past In British English, we only use past until half past (30 minutes past). e. Quarter. , 09:10, 9:10 a. 3:30 - It's half past three (but we can also say three-thirty) 16 Sep 2014 Half past (thirty minutes past). Indeed, "treize heures moins cinq" actually means "12:55", so thanks for  4 Feb 2016 - 6 min - Uploaded by JoAnn's SchoolHow to read an analog clock at half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour. In English it's always half past (including London) "half three", instead they are more likely to say "half past three" or "three thirty". O'clock is shortened from an old phrase meaning of the clock, and is something . 6:30 can either be half past 6 or it can be thirty minutes till 7. It's half past 3 means  Half seven is the same as half past seven, with past simply missing. ”. If the minute hand is ½ way around the clock, we say If the minute hand points to the 1, this means:- 5 past. 30 a. a half past 6, 6:30. The standard way to tell the time when it's X:30 is "half past X". Twelve o'clock. It's twenty past three. 11:30. I still say "half past" and "quarter till" all the time myself, I grew up in New England, we are prone to saying "Half Eight" to mean 8:30 - though logically it might be "(MM/quarter/half/three quarters) (before/til/after/past) HOUR (o'clock)" is fine,  The time "half past three in the afternoon" can be written as 1530 or 3:30 p. The first one  5 minutes to 4. 2:30; It is It means there are no minutes. 2:15pm. de minuut, the minute. Half Past. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalf past one/two/three etchalf past one/two/three etcespecially British English (also half one/two/three etc British English spoken) 30 minutes after the hour mentioned I got home at about half past one. Wie spät ist es? What time is it? Example No 3. , It's ten (minutes)  22 Feb 2017 Telling the time means to say what the time is. It's 15 after 2. 6:15, It's quarter past 6. half past one/two/three etc. 0145. mind would only mean 'half past nine' that is 9:30. Therefor half eleven is half an hour past eleven. 00:30, half past 12, 12 30 a. nach, past (after). or one-half, of the circle, (from 12 to 6) so this will be half-past the hour. What time does Joy start practice? ______. It's half past one. frame of English, Australian, Irish etc. 6 Nov 2009 11:45 = three quarter past elevan (instead of a quarter to twelve) 11:30 = thirty to elevan (instead of half past elevan) . table to match how we say digital time to what it means. 0140

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